Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm a writer, not a blogger. Apparently.

Best of intentions.  Really.  But, boy, is my writing time precious.  As much as I've wanted to post here regularly, when I hit my painfully carved out writing time I want to work on my book, not my blog.  So sue me.

NOTHING STAYS BURIED FOREVER is out and available for sale.  It's the sequel to THE UNDERTAKER"S HILL which I wrote 14 years ago now.  Readers asked me for a sequel almost immediately and I really tried to write one, but everything I wrote seemed to cheapen the ending of the original.  I mean, the first book ends with (SPOILER ALERT): What am I doing now?  Don't ask.  How do you follow up on a first person protagonist who ends his book that way?

So how do I continue the story?   I deal with the aftermath.  I deal with the lives of those touched by Jake Fitzpatrick.  I deal with memories that have both faded and that have been actively erased.   The world of THE UNDERTAKER'S HILL is very much like ours until you peek behind the curtain.  And for some people, they got an unwitting glimpse that they never asked for.

In the works:  THE STARKWEATHER CURSE.  This is my supernatural thriller.  What would you do if a man summoned you to his home and then committed suicide right in front of you? And what if he left you a private suicide note that asked you to complete his unfinished business?  And what if that unfinished business meant running afoul of an ancient and secretive cult that worships a god only H.P. Lovecraft could love?  That's what I'm working on right now.

So, that's it for now.  I hope not to be away from this blog for so long next time.  Cheers!